Derek Elmer

Chairman – Hong Kong & Greater China


Mr. Elmer is the Chairman of I-OnAsia and the company’s founder. He is a fluent Cantonese speaking British national and Hong Kong Permanent Resident with three decades’ experience as a leader in due diligence, crisis management, private security, and litigation support.

​Before establishing I-OnAsia, Derek had significant experience working in leadership positions at one of Hong Kong and Greater China’s most successful industrial businesses, the CNT Group.  Derek reported directly to CNT Group Chairman Tsui Tsin Tong.

Since establishing I-OnAsia, Derek has developed an outstanding and stable team of high-performing professionals, personally involved in day-to-day case management and fieldwork, and has led numerous successful investigative projects. I-OnAsia’s 20-year track records of excellence is a true and accurate reflection of the accomplishments of the experienced team and Derek’s leadership.

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Telephone: +852 2896 4489