We Serve Court Writs & Legal Documents

I-OnAsia is a Chambers & Partners ranked litigation support specialist. We serve court writs and legal documents, including on the most difficult and recalcitrant individuals hiding in foreign counties.

We have the capacity to serve hundreds of writs in a single day.

​I-OnAsia provides Writ Service support to law firm clients globally. This is a standardized service. Documents are received from counsel, and physically handed to individuals and corporate offices by an I-OnAsia officer, who then provides an affidavit to the courts, certifying delivery.

​I-OnAsia has served court documents on 200 individuals and enterprises in a single day, and we can support clients with any size Writ Service challenge. Here are the approaches for our busiest markets:

  • In Hong Kong, Writ Service is provided as a fixed fee standardized package of services designed to increase the likelihood of successful delivery. As part of this package, I-OnAsia agrees to include reasonable surveillance, records research, and revisits to the most recent addresses associated with a target if the first service attempt is unsuccessful. Where Writ Service is performed on behalf of a U.S. or foreign case, I-OnAsia also includes in this price notarization of service documents at the relevant consulate or embassy in Hong Kong.
  • ​In the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, standard Writ Service is provided as a fixed fee for work performed in relation to a single attempt at service and report of efforts, with additional fees charged for mileage and travel time for deliveries outside of major metropolitan areas.