Pre-IPO Due Diligence Market Leaders

I-OnAsia specializes in Due Diligence background checks on companies and key persons.

Due Diligence includes background checks on companies and executives. I-OnAsia works for issuers, sponsors, and advisors. We are the market leader in Hong Kong. Our reports are widely accepted across all major exchanges.

While the majority of our work involves companies with an Asia nexus, a significant percentage of checks involve American and European directors and entities.

I-OnAsia specializes in Due Diligence background checks on companies and key persons.

We have a 20+ year track record of delivering excellent results.

I-OnAsia is the market leader of Pre-IPO Due Diligence for Chinese companies going public in Hong Kong or on global exchanges in New York, Singapore, and London. We help companies meet regulatory requirements governing the listing of securities.

I-OnAsia’s Hong Kong team is very familiar with IPOs by Chinese enterprises, SPACs and diligence for venture teams, and reshoring from American exchanges to Hong Kong.

I-OnAsia Pre-IPO Due Diligence is a detailed, impartial research service that validates corporate disclosures and reviews public information to identify risks.

I-OnAsia delivers a written report that is an asset to the IPO process. Our research is widely useful to key stakeholders in the process, including regulatory review committees.

Enhanced Pre-IPO Due Diligence Site Visits

I-OnAsia’s Pre-IPO Due Diligence options include verification site visits.

We independently photograph operations and interview staff to confirm corporate statements are factual.

Site visits may verify overseas operations, or retail/franchise coverage, or test for conflicts of interest or fraud.

The facts are gathered in a confidential manner that does not compromise corporate trade secrets or other material non-public information.