Enhanced Due Diligence

I-OnAsia gets insights on risks and opportunities. We send experienced full-time staff to conduct site visits and field interviews.

I-OnAsia has twenty years’ experience conducting enhanced due diligence globally.  Clients are fund LPs and GPs, corporate compliance officers at financial institutions and major international corporations.

I-OnAsia’s Enhanced Due Diligence services help managers fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to conduct independent background checks, and identify operational and reputational risks that could hurt investment performance.

I-OnAsia has conducted enhanced due diligence on thousands of subjects across nearly every industry.

I-OnAsia delivers better local market insights, without sacrificing global quality. I-OnAsia has a deeper bench of local full-time employees than any of our competitors.

I-OnAsia delivers superior risk advisory and risk management insights.  Our company is a regional leader in the conduct of complex crisis management, private security, and litigation support cases.  The same fraud investigators and business intelligence specialists handling these assignments translate their experiences into due diligence insights.  I-OnAsia has full access to global databases and has peer-leading open source research capabilities.  Clients benefit from our proprietary databases on industry and country specific operational risks.

I-OnAsia is frequently asked to perform enhanced due diligence because our competitors’ more basic and lower level checks are unreliable or have yielded “false positive” results.  I-OnAsia’s enhanced due diligence product delivers deep clear facts-based insights and informed analysis of real risks.  I-OnAsia’s team is frequently asked to clarify asset control structures, intellectual property ownership, and investigate other sensitive issues.