Global Asset Tracing

I-OnAsia locates and verifies hidden assets worldwide. Our team has identified and helped clients recover billions of dollars since the 1990s.

Asset tracing is an art form that I-OnAsia has mastered.

We have worked very substantial cases since day one, tracing assets stolen out of national coffers, siphoned from family trusts and corporate accounts, and damages awarded by the courts. Most importantly, we know how to achieve recoveries, without throwing good money after bad.

I-OnAsia has successfully identified assets globally, helping clients to recover billions of dollars. Our clients have included national governments, multi-lateral institutions, major lenders, and their legal counsel.

I-OnAsia’s targets have included corrupt government officials, globally high profile, high net worth individuals with assets distributed around the world, including through major tax havens, and defendants in civil lawsuits.

​Here are the reasons why clients typically choose I-OnAsia for Asset Tracing:

  • I-OnAsia’s partners have successfully identified and recovered assets in the past. We are a recognized global Asset Trace brand and have a twenty-track record of corporate success. I-OnAsia’s clients are happy to share their recommendations upon request.
  • Many of I-OnAsia’s most seasoned Asset Trace specialists have backgrounds in law enforcement, finance, accounting, and other relevant industries. Our team maintains an excellent global network of sources. Clients are able to access the very best and most trusted global network through I-OnAsia.
  • ​I-OnAsia is partner-owned and partner-led, and we employ a full time team to perform investigations. I-OnAsia’s partners are directly involved in each case, exploring every angle and possibility for the identification of assets. Our partners work closely with our full team of in-house resources in a budget conscious and effective manner: collecting information, analyzing the results, and then investigating new leads as they are found, step by careful-step. (This is a very different operational approach from that used by many of our competitors, who simply contract work out and mark it up.)
  • ​I-OnAsia has superior expertise in Asia. This goes beyond the concentration of our employees in the region. Our employees are also better prepared, and are busy every day with a large volume of standard and complex assignments, I-OnAsia’s team sees more client issues and has a better capacity to handle tomorrow’s assignments.

Asset Traces are typically phased approaches. Initial phases of inquiry often include a review of existing documentation for leads, searches for public records and financial data, and initial interviews of sources with knowledge of the whereabouts of assets.

Satisfied clients frequently say that we are a valuable source information.

We use sophisticated search and link analysis technology to deliver value.

Technology has always been utilized to enhance the intelligence gathering process. We have leapfrogged the competition with our global cyber analysis capability, ‘Heat Seeker’, which allows our global investigations and intelligence teams to obtain vital information from corporate records, social media, and even Cryptocurrency transactions. This technology helps answer time-sensitive questions.

‘Heat Seeker’ speeds up the investigations process, allowing I-OnAsia’s in-house intelligence analysts to support HUMINT investigations on the ground, by identifying leads, locating possible witnesses, linking associates, and obtaining corporate records and hidden assets in some cases with offshore entities.