Due Diligence in Asia and beyond

I-OnAsia is the market leader for due diligence on global companies connected to Asia’s markets.

I-OnAsia has set the market standard for Pre-IPO Due Diligence in advance of public stock offerings by Hong Kong and Chinese companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and other exchanges.  I-OnAsia performed due diligence on more than 30% of all companies going IPO in Hong Kong in 2019.

I-OnAsia’s global due diligence reach builds on the experience of our dedicated team.

Our team is constantly active on live deals.  So, we understand today’s market and the importance of forward-thinking due diligence to shareholders, boards of directors, and global regulators.  I-OnAsia has a twenty-year track record of excellence.  Clients include premier venture and hedge funds, the corporate compliance and legal departments of large financials and non-financial institutions, strategic investors, and professional advisers.


We use sophisticated search and link analysis technology to deliver value.

Technology has always been utilized to enhance the diligence process. We have leapfrogged the competition with our global cyber analysis capability, ‘Heat Seeker’, which allows our global investigations and intelligence teams to obtain vital information from corporate records, social media, and even Cryptocurrency transactions. This technology helps answer questions about ​Source of Wealth, Social Media Red Flags, Digital Finance and Metaverse Personas, and Sanctions Histories, amongst others.

‘Heat Seeker’ brings together over 4000 global regularly updated data sets, and fuels our rapid global coverage capabilities. The ‘Heat Seeker’ system also provides a rapid ability to carry out in-depth social media analysis to identify individuals, their linked accounts, and quickly identify certain content and track it so as to monitor an evolving situation, such as a crisis.

‘Heat Seeker’ is speeding up the investigations process, allowing I-OnAsia’s in-house intelligence analysts to support HUMINT investigations on the ground, by identifying leads, locating possible witnesses, linking associates, and obtaining corporate records and hidden assets in some cases with offshore entities.