Security Consultancy

The threat landscape is always changing. Our experienced team is prepared to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

I-OnAsia delivers a high standard of global coverage, with integrity.

There is absolutely no such thing as a global guard company. So-called global guard companies do not have quality supervisors or teams everywhere. Their coverage also breaks down when asked to perform specific tasks, like control access to sensitive data or manage executive security for a board meeting. Even the most well-meaning local relationship managers are tied to working with substandard offshore teams.

Our clients hire us to fill these important gaps. I-OnAsia has worked with hundreds of local guard companies, and can source the right local private security solution often at a fraction of the cost of bigger vendors. We have a twenty-year track record of locating and vetting the best local guards to deliver the highest standard services, with integrity. We directly oversee each physical security project, provide additional training and overlay teams with our own supervisors.

​We have a valuable perspective.

Many of the world’s most important and pressing threats have an Asia nexus or emanate from Asia. The region is also home to much of the world’s economic growth over the past two decades. Often, our knowledge of the threats and experience mitigating risks brings global value to clients trying to address today’s security challenges. Very few local guard companies in most American cities, for example, have had the project experience or training to handle today’s intellectual property theft challenge.

Our clients hire us because we have exactly the right experience to address these issues.

​I-OnAsia’s Intelligence-led approach is unique.

We are the largest local investigations and security consulting company headquartered in Asia. We have managed over 16,000 assignments since 2001. Our strengths are in investigations. We have turned this ability to gather local insights on threats into a strategic advantage. We invest in ensuring our guard teams are better prepared with ground truth and Situational Awareness.

Asia is our home turf.

​I-OnAsia was founded in 2001. We have a large Greater China footprint, and employ a large full time team in the region. I-OnAsia has established a team dedicated to the emerging crisis landscape in Hong Kong, in response to the increased demand for a 24/7 crisis management and response capability.

​I-OnAsia’s Hong Kong Rapid Response Unit is staffed by former military specialists with real-world experience in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency. This is a special team, available in Hong Kong to corporations and executives concerned about emerging issues and requiring security and crises management capabilities augmentation.

​Our Hong Kong Rapid Response Unit often focuses on crisis response.

​In Hong Kong, I-OnAsia also maintains a fleet of executive quality vehicles, driven by retired emergency services security officers.

​We have a track record of success globally.

I-OnAsia private security guards have been used by executives and client security teams to protect people and property. In all cases, clients benefit from our superior access to information and our Intelligence-led approach. Projects have included:

  • Providing access control security support for an executive board meeting where highly sensitive information was to be discussed.
  • Protecting executives of a multi-billion dollar company during a legal dispute after a violent attack.
  • Protecting a major sports team and over 250 special guests, including three former heads of state, at a major sporting event.
  • Protecting children and families and competitors at an e-sports event.
  • Protecting a witness preparing to testify against a member of a Triad criminal gang.
  • Extracting 100 students and families from crisis torn Lebanon.
  • Protecting teams of executives during a wave of layoffs and corporate restructuring.
  • Augmenting security at a high net worth family’s estate after a break-in.
  • Securing the transport of a group of executive travelers to a distant mining community.
  • Protecting jewelry displayed at a convention hall.

I-OnAsia performs assessments of security at buildings and residences globally.

Our teams of experts on the ground audit the current state of overall security and effectiveness of threat mitigation programs.  These may be all hazards assessments, regional security assessments, or citywide assessments of critical infrastructure.  I-OnAsia’s security audits may also be specific, such as tailored audits of the physical security measures that have been put in place around a key piece of data.  People, technology, processes are all audited – and enhanced.

I-OnAsia may support the design and build process by providing risk assessments and advisory services, security systems design expertise, and due diligence on local security systems integrators.

I-OnAsia’s security design and systems consultancy services are provided to architects and other consultants to the development process.  In cases of failed or failing legacy security systems, I-OnAsia works with the director of real estate and other key stakeholders to benchmark solutions used by peers, and provides recommendations for cost-effective improvements.  I-OnAsia also works with high net worth individuals to design systems that protect their families and provide peace of mind.