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I-OnAsia is a global risk management company with a twenty-year track record of success.


Much more than regional expertise

I-OnAsia has been providing due diligence, corporate investigations and litigation support, security services and crisis management consulting globally for over twenty years.  While a majority of these assignments have been in our home market, thousands of the cases we have completed have had nothing to do with Asia.

Global capability

I-OnAsia has a superior team that has seen more of the world.  We understand how money moves across borders, how threats emerge in unexpected places, and a wider context around what others might consider to be local problems.

I-OnAsia also knows the global-best-in-class approaches to mitigating risks.  We understand how to satisfy the universally high expectations of the world’s largest companies and most influential families.   We know what will work.


Advanced approach

One of the advantages of being headquartered in Hong Kong is that we have an exposure to more of the things that lead to great investigative results.

Day-in and day-out I-OnAsia is hired to address some of the largest security challenges in the world. In our work, we see new Asian technologies and new Western tech too. We respond to the demands of the most competitive local companies, with their sophisticated performance expectations. And, we respond to the requests of Western companies, with greater focus on ethics, compliance, and process. We also have access to the very best analytic and law enforcement advisory teams worldwide. The result: a more advanced approach.


Experience matters.  I-OnAsia has completed more than 18,000 assignments.  Clients benefit from our hard-earned insights and global reach.

I-OnAsia is Asia’s market leader in critical areas of Due Diligence, Crisis Management, Security Services, Corporate Investigations, and Litigation Support.  Our teams in New York and London have a superior understanding of Asia, and also solve local problems.

I-OnAsia is Asia's Due Diligence market leader.
I-OnAsia is the region's go-to resource for corporate investigations, delivering accurate and reliable investigative reports since 2001.
I-OnAsia is a faithful crisis management partner. We protect the safety and reputations of clients, with white glove customer service and modern tools to address social media crises.

Our experience matters


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