We Help Elite Individuals & Families

I-OnAsia’s Crisis Management consultants have handled some of the most difficult, high-stakes, and sensitive matters and challenges to Elite Families.

Our team provides the answers you need to move forward.

I-OnAsia is trusted inside the homes and lives of the world’s most important families, achieving results on some of the most difficult, high-stakes, and sensitive matters in the region.

Elite clients value I-OnAsia’s hard-earned and well-deserved reputation for being the region’s absolute best local investigator. We deliver solutions.

​​We will be pleased to speak with you privately to discuss matters further.

  • ​Discretion and full confidentiality.
  • Competence. We are elite in our own respect, the very best at finding information to resolve crises quickly.
  • Global connections. This includes informants on a wide variety of issues, as well as contacts with law enforcement.
  • We care. We fully understand that a crisis is a costly distraction from normal business, and we fully appreciate the deeply personal toll a crisis may have on family members. So, I-OnAsia’s team acts conscientiously and with vigilance.
  • Elite insight. We know how to navigate boundaries between business and family at the elite level. We have solved problems at this level before.