Threat Intelligence

Valuable “ground truth” information is gathered by trained field investigators, helping clients understand the risks and save lives. Our analysts inside security operations centers assess emerging risks.

I-OnAsia’s Threat Intelligence has saved lives.

​I-OnAsia provides field investigations, temporary / contract threat monitoring, and physical surveillance support to clients. We employ full-time threat intelligence teams and risk intelligence professionals.

I-OnAsia’s Threat Intelligence work is targeted at specific threats, such as threats to board executives by extremist organizations. Our penetrating coverage is designed to develop the situational awareness necessary to deliver informed assessments to key executives and senior management stakeholders. And, I-OnAsia Threat Intelligence works – it has been used to save lives.

​We hold ourselves to a high standard.

​I-OnAsia is a globally experienced security services consultant that has successfully provided executive protection, full time and temporary security guards, and other personnel around the region and across the globe. We understand the importance of good intelligence to good security.

Many of the world’s most important and pressing threats have an Asia nexus or emanate from Asia. The region is also home to much of the world’s economic growth over the past two decades. Often, our knowledge of the threats and experience mitigating risks brings global value to clients trying to address today’s security challenges.

I-OnAsia translates this knowledge into unique approaches to developing threat intelligence packages.

​We support the build-out of Incident Response Centers.

​I-OnAsia supports the growing trend of localized Incident Response Centers, particularly in Asia where our real-world experience and global connections to experts is invaluable.

Our team has consulted on the development of dozens of the world’s largest Global Security Operations Centers and is able to jump start build-out with strategic consulting, training support, and a variety of other options. Our approach is data-centric and quantitative.

I-OnAsia maintains its own proprietary database of significant loss events across the region, to better enable risk assessment and forecasting. The data set focuses on significant operational risk related losses that resulted in cash loss and impacted share pricing. We use this data to ground each approach to Incident Response Center build-out, and to frame functional level requirements and activities recommendations.

​I-OnAsia also maintains a list of trusted data sources on everything from Asian organized crime activity statistics to current status of defense and intelligence sharing cooperation agreements, to sentiment analysis tools for examining global threats.

We use sophisticated search and link analysis technology to deliver value.

​Technology has always been utilize to enhance the intelligence gathering process. We have leapfrogged the competition with our global cyber analysis capability, ‘Heat Seeker’, which allows our global investigations and intelligence teams to obtain vital information from corporate records, social media, and even crypto currency transactions.

This technology helps answer time sensitive questions. ‘Heat Seeker’ speeds up the investigations process, allowing I-OnAsia’s in-house intelligence analysts to support HUMINT investigations on the ground, by identifying leads, locating possible witnesses, linking associates, and obtaining corporate records and hidden assets in some cases with offshore entities.