Corporate Investigations, White Collar Investigations and Litigation Support

I-OnAsia is ranked by Chambers & Partners as a leading litigation support investigations company.

I-OnAsia’s global team delivers accurate and reliable investigative results, quickly.

Legal professionals choose I-OnAsia because we respond quickly.  I-OnAsia’s team works harder (and smarter) than any of our competitors.

I-OnAsia has been in the investigations business for twenty years. We have successfully completed over 16,000 assignments for the world’s largest companies and wealthiest families, frequently at the instruction of counsel. Each year clients say the same thing: “No one else could have gotten this result.”

​I-OnAsia has a large team of full-time field investigators on staff. This is very unique in Asia. I-OnAsia can deliver better results quicker, because we are not waiting around for unreliable subcontractors to deliver a substandard result.  We invest in training (from trade-craft to technical to ethics), and maintain strict operational controls and discipline. The regular flow of cases means that our team is sharp, up-to-date, and focused on achieving a successful result.

I-OnAsia is a full service corporate investigations company.

Day-in and day-out we are busy handling routine types of projects for legal counsel: Global Skip Traces, Asset Traces, Writ Service, and Digital Forensics. A large portion of our business comes from repeat customers.

We work closely with legal counsel on all varieties of sensitive, important, and complex matters, not limited to: White Collar Criminal Defense, Fraud Investigations, provision of Law Enforcement Liaison services, the conduct of anti-counterfeiting and IPR protection investigations and investigations of other anti-competitive acts.

The majority of our work is in Asia, but our reach is global. I-OnAsia’s offices in New York City and London provide the full suite of litigation support and advisory services to local clients.

I-OnAsia has twenty years’ experience working the region’s biggest cases.

  • White Collar Criminal Defense clients have included high net worth individuals, corporate CEOs and board directors, senior managers, and others.
  • ​Fraud investigations and corruption inquiries have successfully identified the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How” of multi-million and multi-billion dollar losses.
  • ​I-OnAsia’s does provide law enforcement liaison support.
  • ​​I-OnAsia anti-counterfeiting and anti-dumping investigations across all industries have had big results.

We use sophisticated search and link analysis technology to deliver value.

Technology has always been utilize to enhance the intelligence gathering process. We have leapfrogged the competition with our global cyber analysis capability, ‘Heat Seeker’, which allows our global investigations and intelligence teams to obtain vital information from corporate records, social media, and even crypto currency transactions. This technology helps answer time sensitive questions.

‘Heat Seeker’ speeds up the investigations process, allowing I-OnAsia’s in-house intelligence analysts to support HUMINT investigations on the ground, by identifying leads, locating possible witnesses, linking associates, and obtaining corporate records and hidden assets in some cases with offshore entities.