Information Security & TSCM Bug Sweeps

We catch IP thieves.  We know their tricks and tools.  And, we know how to counter this global threat.

I-OnAsia’s global TSCM teams use the most up-to-date equipment.

I-OnAsia has twenty years’ experience protecting client intellectual property. Each year I-OnAsia handles dozens of the world’s most important private investigations into counterfeiters and insider threats.

Through this work, our team has become expert at identifying vulnerabilities. I-OnAsia has translated hard-earned insights and the hard-luck experiences of our clients into information security services that are aligned with real-world threats.

​I-OnAsia has pursued and shut down criminal syndicates stealing valuable intellectual property since the date we were founded, in 2001. Early stage investigations and undercover fieldwork are undertaken by I-OnAsia to identify IP thieves and gather evidence relating to their activities. I-OnAsia has been asked to investigate existential threats posed by information theft, including from insider threats and state-sponsored corporate espionage programs. Our clients include the world’s largest companies in technology, media, automotive, healthcare, fashion, and education.

​Informed by our history of active day-in and day-out casework protecting intellectual property and investigating IP theft, I-OnAsia brings a unique (and very valuable) perspective to information security programs.

I-OnAsia provides consultants to work on-site at client facilities. These subject matter experts are specially trained to monitor the threat environment, and to hunt IP thieves.

​I-OnAsia performs Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) sweeps of the physical environment for listening devices and hidden cameras. I-OnAsia maintains three full-time TSCM bug sweep teams and performs this work globally. All TSCM team members perform more than 200 hours of TSCM sweeps per annum. These sweeps are performed at corporate and law firm offices, residences, and government facilities. We take a unique approach to address the gaps that frequently exist between the areas of responsibility of most Chief Security Officers and their Chief Information Security Officer colleagues.

​​I-OnAsia is a global leader in the provision of temporary and permanent magnetometer and bag screening programs designed specifically to identify modern burglar tools used to skim valuable data and extract information from critical sites.