Global Skip Trace & Target Location.

I-OnAsia locates and verifies the current physical whereabouts of the subjects of litigation. 

I-OnAsia's Skip Tracing team loves to hunt for the bad guys.


I-OnAsia has successfully located hundreds of individuals who do not want to be found, not limited to: (i.) cyber criminals: (ii.) extortionists (iii.) counterfeiters (vi.) fraudsters; (v.) bad debtors; and, (vi.) other types of defendants and witnesses in civil and criminal cases.  

Most skip tracing assignments are straightforward and can be performed without throwing good money after bad.  I-OnAsia accesses global databases and scours the public record.  Cyber sleuths run special code and scour the Dark Web for clues.  Then, if need be, we interview local sources such as neighbors and former co-workers.  The typical assignment takes a week.

When cases are more difficult, I-OnAsia's in-house team of specialists draws from past experiences to succeed.  Here are a few examples of completed Skip Trace cases that started with very limited information:

  • Just an individual's first name found on an application to open a bank account.

  • Only a website address, or an ISP number, or an email address, or a cellphone number.

  • A possible travel itinerary that includes only a city name and a likely date of travel.

  • No name for our target, just a name of a co-conspirator or a partner.

I-OnAsia provides free estimates.  Please contact us.  We will review your information confidentially and prepare a proposal that outlines our plan and expected costs. 


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