White Paper: Air Industry Experiences Through Covid-19 Offer Broad Lessons

By Vincent Topping and James Tunkey

I-OnAsia is pleased to publish a new White Paper on how Air Industry Experiences Offer Broad Lessons Post-Covid. The paper is authored by airline industry security expert Vincent Topping and our COO James Tunkey. A link to the document is found at the bottom of this page.

With the paper's publication, Tunkey recognized the substantial contributions of his co-author: "For I-OnAsia, it was critical to partner up with an industry insider to tackle such a challenge and to forecast where the aviation industry is headed in the coming years. Vincent has a wealth of experience dealing with airline-related risk assessments, above and beyond his expertise in building, developing and managing full-spectrum business continuity programs. This made him particularly well-suited to contribute to this project. There are many safety and security factors to consider in this global digital transformation pattern. Vincent provided a perspective that is very timely for the aviation sector, but those challenges will also span across industries and will be relevant topics of conversations in the coming decade."

Responded Topping, “I was excited to write this paper with James because of his experience as an entrepreneur in global private security. His recent temperature screening work for American corporations is quite topical. And, James has decades of experience developing new security processes and applying technologies to new safety challenges. There has always been a very binary relationship between customer safety and business survival for the airline industry. The stakes have been raised by the Coronavirus outbreak. James’s contributions to the paper show that there are big opportunities for business leaders who get their Covid-19 response right, both within the airline industry and in other sectors.”

Both authors wish to thank the many industry experts who offered thoughts and feedback.

Says Tunkey: "This has been a fantastic process. We hope this paper provides value to security managers and business leaders in the air industry and more broadly."

Air Industry Experiences
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