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I-OnAsia offers a full suite of due diligence, crisis management, security services, and corporate investigations from our offices in the United States and Canada.

Global quality service, locally in the Americas, in Asia, and beyond.

I-OnAsia is New York's market leader at addressing cross-border due diligence, corporate investigations, litigation support, and security challenges, particularly in Asia. 


The New York office was founded in 2004, and is managed by Mr. James Tunkey.  The New York office works closely with the global team, and has completed roughly 5,000 assignments across every industry.  James has over 25 years of investigations and security consulting experience.  He is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a subject matter expert on Asia operational risks, and a global asset trace specialist.  

Also based in the New York office is Ms. Lingbo Jiang, Director of Global Business Development. Lingbo is a specialist in cross-border transactions, with a focus on the Chinese market. She has advised on cross-border M&A and helped multiple Chinese companies list on the New York Stock Exchange, where she was a Designated Market Maker.

Cross-Border Risk Management

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    Due Diligence

    I-OnAsia's New York office is America's leading provider of due diligence services to investors in Chinese businesses. 


    I-OnAsia works directly with financial institutions and professional advisors, as well as with corporate M&A offices.

    I-OnAsia offers unique value add: better sources of market insights in China, better understanding of the landscape for US-China cross border transactions, better understanding of operational risks specific to Asian businesses, and a fuller suite of database research and site visit capabilities.

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    Technology & National Security

    I-OnAsia's team in the Americas is uniquely qualified to provide insights on cross-border US-China trade issues affecting business.

    Intellectual Property Rights protection by I-OnAsia has always been focused on the largest and most complex issues.  Today, as always, our team focuses on developing unbiased and evidence-based insights.

    Our clients include Washington DC law firms, America's most revered technology companies, Chinese venture and private equity funds, and other global inventors.

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    White Collar Defense & Litigation Support

    I-OnAsia has a 20-year track record of success supporting law firms.  From white collar defense to other areas of litigation support, I-OnAsia offers a full suite of solutions.

    I-OnAsia provides rapid response with fact gathering, locating key individuals and insights. Our team has a full surveillance and cyber capability, including digital forensics and eDiscovery.

    I-OnAsia's team has worked many of the world's highest stakes cases, on behalf of important families and corporations.

Local Security Solutions

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    Enterprise Security

    I-OnAsia's team supports enterprise security in the Americas.  We provide physical security solutions and security services that deliver value to the enterprise.

    I-OnAsia focuses on delivering solutions to a higher standard than local security guard companies have the capacity to deliver.  We overlay international corporate and industry experienced personnel to provide private security that is simply better. 


    When it matters that a $20 an hour guard might not show up on time, or at all...  When it matters having security services that are truly in sync with key business stakeholders... When existing security solutions keep failing...  I-OnAsia steps in to provide solutions.

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    Executive InfoSec & TSCM Bug Sweeps

    I-OnAsia has been at the global forefront of intellectual property protection. 


    I-OnAsia has been combating corporate espionage every day for 20 years.  And, since 2004, we have translated these experiences into solutions that protect executive conversations from snooping. 

    To combat the rising use of advanced listening devices, and to protect executive conversations, I-OnAsia offers "Bug Sweep" Technical Surveillance Countermeasures sweeps.  Using our own full-time employees and advanced equipment, I-OnAsia conducts an average of 200+ hours of TSCM sweeps each year.  I-OnAsia has made substantial investments in equipment and training globally, and has three full time teams internationally.

  • Facilities Security & Remote Capture

    Our New York office is fully equipped to provide Remote Capture imagery solutions for facilities to improve collaboration between remote facilities and security and design teams. 


    We are an authorized reseller of Visual Plan systems, which easily ingest CAD drawings used by Real Estate and Development Teams.  We also are a full service Remote Capture office, offering capture solutions to reduce operational costs associated with team time at all stages of development and reconfiguration.

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    Custom & Luxury Home Security w/ ADT

    Our New York office secures families in America.  We are focused on delivering a higher "international" standard of security.  Our risk consultants have been leaders in law enforcement agencies and deliver better solutions.

    Following a security assessment of your home by our team, we can deliver superior solutions and savings through ADT Custom Homes.

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    Addressing Anti-Asian Hate

    Anti-Asian hate crimes have been on the rise in the United States and Canada.  The problem affects US corporations with offices near armed protest zones, Asian-American families, and visitors to North America from Asia.

    I-OnAsia risk management consultants can help your organization or household understand and address the risks.

    Services include risk warnings and awareness programs, security assessments, law enforcement liaison advisory, contingency planning, and security design and systems consulting.

Detailed Recommendations for I-OnAsia New York

Risk Advisory

"I have retained I-OnAsia on a case-by-case basis for high level business intelligence, asset identification and investigative due diligence throughout Asia and Latin America for more than 10 years. During that time period, I have developed a very strong relationship with I-OnAsia and specifically, James Tunkey. I find the work consistently solid, delivered in a timely basis and with the utmost integrity."

Fraud Investigations

"James Tunkey supported asset searches and undertook investigative work in support of litigation involving recovery of very large sums.  James and his team also undertook an asset search, involving a target with more than USD1 billion in net worth. That particular search was global, across the US, Europe and S-E Asia in particular. I was very pleased with James' work, which lead to significant recovery."

Due Diligence

"I have been happy to work with I-OnAsia on numerous occasions. From conventional counterpart credit risk assessments and more detailed background searches on larger investment targets that required access to public and non-public sources of information to far more complex and sensitive investigations of counterparties defaulting on their obligations under contracts with my company. I have throughout been impressed by I-OnAsia's discretion and ability to secure actionable information.  James Tunkey's intelligence has been used in dispute resolution and recovery of unpaid debts of significant size."

Litigation Support

"James Tunkey and the firm of I-OnAsia assisted my office by conducting a complex search. The search involved sifting through a great many documents, and undercover interviews of executives. The targets had conspired to transfer assets, made false statements, and Tunkey's team gathered key evidence that was used to pursue legal redress and recovery. Tunkey had been referred by a colleague at a major financial institution and his work performance met high expectations."



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I-OnAsia is a global risk management consultancy.  Our company has a twenty-year track record of success.  We are Asia's market leader in critical areas of Due Diligence, Crisis Management, Security ServicesCorporate Investigations, and Litigation SupportOur teams in New York and London have a superior understanding of Asia, and also solve local problems. Experience matters.  I-OnAsia has completed more than 17,000 cases.  Clients benefit from our hard-earned insights and global reach.  

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