Brand Protection & Anti-Dumping

We investigate counterfeiters, rogue competitors and state-sponsored threats.  We offer sophisticated and comprehensive solutions.

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I-OnAsia has twenty years of experience investigating counterfeiters and IP thieves.  


We have also undertaken many of the world's largest corporate investigations into anti-competitive behavior, including price fixing and dumping.  

I-OnAsia has conducted IP investigations in every industry. 


Telecommunications and computing hardware, software, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, agribusiness and chemicals, automotive parts, clothing and accessories, labels, education and certification.  As early as 2004, I-OnAsia received prestigious recognition by global technology leader Cisco Systems for our successes in the field.  The team leverages our global network of offices and our team's superior capabilities into a competitive advantage.

Our team delivers the greatest value to clients that are committed to fully solving counterfeiting problems. 


We work best with customers who have clear brand protection goals, and who are dedicated to stopping the manufacture of fake goods at their source.  Our corporate investigations team identifies the producers and distributors of counterfeits, not low level retailers.


We Offer A Variety of IP Services.

Case Study 

In 2015, I-OnAsia was retained by a Fortune 100 brand to try and locate a suspected IP offender.  The information provided to locate this subject counterfeiter was very limited and was based on a single photograph of a vehicle in an unknown location used on the subject's online profile. 


The vehicle in this matter was customized and license plate was visible in the photograph.  There were some surrounding buildings in the photo and some pavement markings could be observed.


I-OnAsia’s team surveyed an entire city of over 10 million residents for any parking lots with matching features.  As a result of the patience and tenacity of our in-house investigators, I-OnAsia successfully found the counterfeiter’s vehicle... 


Then we found the driver and his gang...


Then we found how the gang was stealing client IP literally out of the back door of one of its trusted local factories...


Then we referred the case for successful prosecution.  Indeed, police raids were some of the biggest in the city's history.

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