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Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery

Our global team of experts knows how to recover and handle digital evidence.

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I-OnAsia has twenty years' experience conducting Digital Forensic projects, including Electronic Discovery cases. 

I-OnAsia's team includes former law enforcement and national intelligence specialists with technology backgrounds.  I-OnAsia also partners with nationally recognized and highly sophisticated computer labs. 


I-OnAsia expert witnesses have superior credentials and case experiences.  Together, our end-to-end Digital Forensics solution is designed to lead to better outcomes where it counts the most, in court.

  • Computer Forensics,  Network Forensics, and Mobile Forensics.  

  • eDiscovery Collection and Analysis, as well as Hosting.

  • Litigation Support, including Expert Witness.

  • Technical Investigations and Cyber Sleuth.

I-OnAsia Digital Forensics services can be useful for detecting hacking, breaches, and ongoing electronic surveillance. 


I-OnAsia analyses the digital intelligence on electronic devices.  Our team brings multiple technology solutions to Digital Forensics matters, such as Cellebrite equipment.

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