Security Assessments
& Installations.

I-OnAsia performs assessments of security at buildings and residences globally.   We investigate breaches, support new installations, and provide training.

I-OnAsia performs assessments of security at buildings and residences globally.


Our teams of experts on the ground audit the current state of overall security and effectiveness of threat mitigation programs.  These may be all hazards assessments, regional security assessments, or citywide assessments of critical infrastructure.  I-OnAsia's security audits may also be specific, such as tailored audits of the physical security measures that have been put in place around a key piece of data.  People, technology, processes are all audited - and enhanced.

I-OnAsia may support the design and build process by providing risk assessments and advisory services, security systems design expertise, and due diligence on local security systems integrators.


I-OnAsia's security design and systems consultancy services are provided to architects and other consultants to the development process.  In cases of failed or failing legacy security systems, I-OnAsia works with the director of real estate and other key stakeholders to benchmark solutions used by peers, and provides recommendations for cost-effective improvements.  I-OnAsia also works with high net worth individuals to design systems that protect their families and provide peace of mind.

What Clients Say About I-OnAsia's Security Services

"I recommend I-OnAsia."

"You should contact I-OnAsia."

"Congratulations on a job well done.  I-OnAsia continues to have the know-how and expertise to manage complex and challenging assignments."

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Each I-OnAsia Office
Provides Security Services.


Hong Kong

Company Founded in 2001.

I-OnAsia's Hong Kong and China offices provide the full range of security services.  Our full time staff include specialists with backgrounds in law enforcement and fire services, corporate security officers, guard supervisors, information security officers, penetration testing experts, and others.

We have a full team working in Chinese, Tagalog, Bahasa, Japanese, and other local languages.


New York

Office Established 2004.

I-OnAsia's New York office provides the full range of security services. 


Our unique roster includes subject matter experts with supervisory and field experience at federal and city law enforcement agencies, as well as with military backgrounds.  

London City


Office Re-Established 2019.

Led by Britain's 2019 Investigator of the Year, a former international law enforcement officer and government investigator, I-OnAsia provides security services in the United Kingdom and beyond.  This includes security systems installation, security audits, testing, and benchmarking.  What makes I-OnAsia special for providing security services?  Our global perspective and experience.  No other team sees the global picture.