Remote 360° Site Captures

Overcome travel restrictions, reduce the costs of site visits and security audits, consolidate programs, and build common ground between security and real estate with easy-to-use 360° Digital Twins, captured by I-OnAsia's trusted team.

I-OnAsia is a Visual Plan authorized service provider and reseller of the 360° capture and collaboration software SiteView.  

Service customers pay no license fees, need no additional equipment, and benefit from I-OnAsia's expertise.

Remote Site Video Capture Programs Deliver Incredible Value

Site surveys of physical security have never been more necessary.  Even in "normal times" these surveys are troublesome to pull off and costly!  Border controls and travel restrictions can make things more difficult. 

Now, new technologies make it possible to overcome these challenges, make collaboration easier, reduce travel, and lower the cost of getting ground truth on the real security situation at far flung sites.

Have you ever looked at a map on a popular search engine and seen the street-level images that were captured by those funky looking cars with all of their roof-top?  Imagine how useful it would be if you could just strap special cameras on a helmet and have a trusted professional walk through an office or facility you were concerned about.  What would be the value to your company if your team could use a simple cloud application to review results from the comfort of your own office and collaborate with colleagues? 


This is exactly the value I-OnAsia's Remote 360°  Site Capture programs deliver! 

Simply, I-OnAsia's team of experienced site survey professionals wear special cameras and use other great technology to deliver the most cost-effective, scalable method of creating "Digital Twins" of your facility. 

A Digital Twin is just a fancy way of saying you don't have to be physically on site any more, because we are delivering to you dynamic 360° picture overlayed with situational awareness at 50x lower capital costs and 20x faster creation and completion rates compared to any LIDAR solution.

I-OnAsia is a Visual Plan authorized service provider and reseller of the 360° capture and collaboration software SiteView.  Service customers pay no license fees and need no additional equipment. 


Our professional team is ready to handle all aspects of your next site capture, securely.

Seeing Is Believing

Use Cases

  • Be Up-Close & Overcome Travel Limits

    Are Covid19 travel restrictions and budgetary concerns keeping you at home?  But does a physical security audit still need to be completed, and do you still wish you could get your own eyes on the site?

    I-OnAsia solves this problem.  Our local team members perform the walk through of your offshore sites and take very high quality 360° images using the SiteView technology.  Just like the street-level images you might see on a map, now I-OnAsia will upload that data to the platform securely, so you have very high quality Digital Twin.

    I-OnAsia's can augment this work, performing interviews and undertaking additional risk analysis.

  • Harmonize & Centralize

    Do you have sites all around the world and wish to improve centralization and harmonization of the site security survey process?


    I-OnAsia solves this problem.  SiteView is easy-to-adopt as a standard platform.  Images are then taken in the field by I-OnAsia's global team.  

    Toggle back and forth between sites easily.  Identify global priorities and go back if you have a free moment to tackle other problems when you are ready: the image will be there, and recapture costs to monitor improvements and changes are typically offered at a discount.

  • Tackle Complex Projects

    360° Site Captures using SiteView software from Visual Plan are already used by chemical industry leaders and other owners of complex infrastructure.

    This is a robust tool that will provide you with far more lasting value than static images and a written report that will be out of date as soon as it is delivered.

    I-OnAsia offers large project capture services in Asia.  Our trusted team will handle the local on-site capture and provide a secure data transfer.

    Local language interviews and additional security assessment support is available.

  • Collaborate On A New Build or Reconfigure

    I-OnAsia is an authorized reseller of Visual Plan systems, which easily ingest CAD drawings used by Real Estate and Development Teams. 


    Renderings may be used as a common platform for collaboration at every step of the process.  And, the system can reduce operational costs associated with team time at the development and reconfiguration stages.


    It is one platform, with security in mind.

  • 3rd Party

    Data & IP Protection

    Is a third party handling your sensitive data or valuable intellectual property?  Would you like to see what physical security really looks like, or monitor whether the improvements you have requested have been put in place?  But, are there cost or travel obstacles to undertaking audits?

    A quick walk through by I-OnAsia's trusted team using the Visual Plan technology now gives you exactly what you need.  Return visits are significantly discounted.

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Each I-OnAsia Office Provides

Remote 360° Site Capturing.


Hong Kong

Company Founded in 2001.

I-OnAsia's Hong Kong and China offices provide the full range of security services.  Our full time staff include specialists with backgrounds in law enforcement and fire services, corporate security officers, guard supervisors, information security officers, penetration testing experts, and others.

We have a full team working in Chinese, Tagalog, Bahasa, Japanese, and other local languages.


New York

Office Established 2004.

I-OnAsia's New York office provides the full range of security services. 


Our unique roster includes subject matter experts with supervisory and field experience at federal and city law enforcement agencies, as well as with military backgrounds.  

London City


Office Re-Established 2019.

Led by Britain's 2019 Investigator of the Year, a former international law enforcement officer and government investigator, I-OnAsia provides security services in the United Kingdom and beyond.  This includes security systems installation, security audits, testing, and benchmarking.  What makes I-OnAsia special for providing security services?  Our global perspective and experience.  No other team sees the global picture.

About Us


I-OnAsia is a global risk management consultancy.  Our company has a twenty-year track record of success.  We are Asia's market leader in critical areas of Due Diligence, Crisis Management, Security ServicesCorporate Investigations, and Litigation SupportOur teams in New York and London have a superior understanding of Asia, and also solve local problems. Experience matters.  I-OnAsia has completed more than 17,000 cases.  Clients benefit from our hard-earned insights and global reach.  

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