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xCBP Officials Bolster Risk Mapping & Site Inspections

I-OnAsia Names New Board Advisors

I-OnAsia has named two experienced U.S. customs and trade executives to its Board of Advisors. Both have had distinguished law enforcement careers and will bolster I-OnAsia’s supply chain risk mitigation capabilities.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, I-OnAsia is a risk management consultancy with global reach. The company offers critical information to corporate supply chain and compliance subscribers, provides risk mapping consultancy, and offers third party due diligence. I-OnAsia is ranked by Chambers & Partners for Litigation Support in the Asia region.

“We have been in the business of supply chain risk mitigation in Asia for more than twenty years and have a great team on the ground”, said I-OnAsia’s James Tunkey. “Clients will now benefit from the wisdom of these two leaders.”

Roland S.

Board Advisor

Roland is a retired federal law enforcement service Senior Executive (SES) of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Roland previously served as the Executive Director at the CBP’s National Targeting Center Cargo, where he oversaw extensive cargo targeting operations that effectively screened, reviewed, identified, and segmenting low and high-risk cargo across all transportation modes to identify, target and coordinate examination of shipments.

Roland directed CBP to leverage advance cargo data, intelligence, rapid information sharing, domain awareness, automated tools and risk-informed approaches to screen, segment, sort, target, triage and expedite the movement and flow of cargo entering and exporting via US ports in all modes of transportation, by increasing the focus on high-risk shipments and individuals.

Roland also expanded information sharing, partnerships and collaboration, while conducting joint exploitation of intelligence, joint risk management, and joint targeting operations with interagency and international partners in the Department of Defense and U.S. intelligence and law enforcement communities.

Previously, Roland also served as the Port Director at Miami International Airport, the Area Port Director for Seattle Washington, the Acting Deputy Director for the Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) in Riverside California, and the Acting Deputy Chief Patrol Agent in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. He earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and completed the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business’ Chicago GSB Executive Institute.

Paul H.

Board Advisor

Paul is a retired U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official. Paul previously served as the CBP’s Director of Investigative Operations, Director of Integrity Programs, and Deputy Assistance Commissioner, Office of Professional Responsibility. In this role, Paul led enterprise-wide anti-corruption and personnel security operations, managing a Headquarters-based staff, and personnel assigned to 22 field offices across the U.S.

Paul has participated in a variety of international programs to support anti-corruption efforts in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and Central and South America. He represented CBP and the Department of Homeland Security as a member of the US/Mexico Merida Initiative; the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Anti-Corruption Working Group, and the International Congress on Internal Police Affairs.

Additionally, while assigned to CBP, Paul served as the Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner in CBP’s Office of Congressional Affairs. In this role, Mr. Hamrick facilitated effective engagements between CBP and the United States Congress; prepared and reviewed congressional testimony; and coordinated the agency’s response to a variety written correspondence with Members of Congress, and the congressional committees with CBP-related oversight responsibilities.

Previously, Paul led training operations at the ICE Training Academy and served as Chief of Training in the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility. Between 1986 and 1997, prior to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, CBP and ICE, Paul worked as a Senior Special Agent at Customs, conducting criminal and civil investigations into the smuggling of prohibited merchandise into the United States, international money laundering, commercial fraud, and the illegal export of controlled commodities and sophisticated technologies to proscribed countries and organizations.

At Customs Headquarters in Washington, DC, Paul served as a national program manager in the Office of Investigations, Strategic Investigations Division. During his headquarters assignment, Paul was detailed to the Customs Office of Congressional Affairs where he worked as a legislative fellow in the United States Senate. Additionally, while working at Customs Headquarters, Paul served as a program manager in the Fraud Investigations Division.

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