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Top 10 Whistleblower Investigations Podcasts Streaming Today.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Updated April 2021.

Whistleblowers are the top source of tips on fraud, corruption, and money laundering. These are true White Collar crime dramas that often only come to light after there has been extensive behind-the-scenes drama involving justice officials, lawyers, companies and investigators.

Our reviewers listen to the universe of content. We're avid consumers. We have chosen the below list of recent and relevant Whistleblower Investigations related podcasts. These are of interest to busy corporate executives, legal advisors, HR managers, investigators, and anyone who is interested in true crime. We're focused on good quality speakers, sharp analysis, and applicability to today's true business needs when it comes to risk and reputation.

Read our list of top speakers below!

Whistleblower Revolution Podcast

In this powerful and informative podcast series from Heidi Weber, the current trends and views of those that really matter are discussed and shared, from whistleblowers themselves, legal representatives and other professional anti-corruption contributors.

The podcast leaves no topic off limit and covers in detail the consequences some whistleblowers go through when taking the brave step to speak up and be heard.

The Dark Money Files: The whistleblower, the UK and Russian connections

The Danske Bank money laundering scandal rocked the world, and this has great drama. Danske received a tip from a whistleblower in 2013, but, despite follow-ups by an internal audit and compliance department, senior management failed to take any action in a timely manner.

In the weeks and months that followed it became quite apparent that anti money laundering (AML) procedures were grossly insufficient, and after being tipped off by an internal whistleblower, Howard Wilkinson (pictured), former head of trading for Danske Bank in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania the investigations and ramifications of the banks failure to act became evident very quickly, with a crisis quickly transpiring for the bank. This podcast delivers insights on this global scandal through the eyes of Wilkinson.


Tim Donaghy, a seasoned NBA referee was arrested in 2007 for gambling on games he refereed in the NBA, the scandal was the biggest to hit the US sports world in a very long time. However, this story gained little attention and slowly faded into the background. But there are so many interesting facets that will draw you in. From the sheer scale of the crime to who was involved in and around the game. This fascinating podcast looks at the conspiracy that followed and how it grew far bigger than just one referee.

Whistleblowers, Investigations & HR

HR Senior Executives are front and center in all whistleblower complaints: from providing the necessary support to the reportee; to putting together a team to support and carry out the investigation; to briefing the board and the CEO of the progress the HR function cannot be understated in this process. This is a daunting task for anyone not familiar with the processes. This podcast tries to ensure things are done right the first time.

Freshfields Whistleblowing Survey: The Impact of #MeToo movement

This podcast by the global law firm Freshfields looks at the results of 2,500 people surveyed in UK, US, Hong Kong, Germany & France and their views and responses of the state of whistleblower investigations and how the #MeToo movement has had an impact on the speak up culture around the globe.

It is the first of two examples of excellent content from Freshfields chosen by our reviewers.

Global Investigations: Protecting the Whistleblowers

Freshfields deliver another technically sound and brilliant podcast on the scandals that come to light from the actions of a brave whistleblower. A panel outlines to listeners what senior leaders within companies need to know about when it comes to whistleblower investigations in Asia and Europe.

This podcast asks the right questions: What protections are afforded to whistleblowers? Do we have to keep their identity secret? And who, is responsible for policing these programs?

Investigations & Enforcement: Whistleblower Enforcement Trends

In this release Katy McArthur & Annie Ostrager from McArthur Law Firm in the US discuss the importance of companies being ahead of the curve by being well prepared to manage and respond to an investigation from a whistleblower.

The content dovetails nicely with a recent blog Whistleblower Investigations In Asia.

Responding to Investigative Findings

How should the C-Suite respond to the findings of a whistleblower investigation?

The outcome could be a formalised court process initiated by the regulator. But, irrespective of the action taken and what might occur as a result, some time must be taken by board directors, senior managers and compliance officers to review their internal programs, and react.

In this podcast, one of the key take aways involves this "What nextt?" question and how a serious allegation can create opportunities for change.

Behind The Scenes With The ROC

The Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) give a behind-the-scenes insight into their work in resolving compliance issues in advance of investigations, responding to and investigating whistleblower reports, and the liaison with all the relevant parties. A small agency which provides unique solutions and guidance to all those with risk and compliance as key area of responsibility.

There is nothing more helpful than an insight from those that carry out the work and help put out the fires before they take hold!

The Whistleblower Attorneys Podcast

In a post pandemic world where governments have supported companies with loans and other means of financial support the False Claims Act is a piece of legislation whereby governments can claw back monies obtained unlawfully.

The Whistleblower attorneys podcast looks at what it take to be a whistleblower and what it takes to represent one in "Qui Tam" lawsuits.

This remarkable 6 part series looks at how whistleblower's are protected and rewarded for their actions, and the tactics powerful corporations use to get away with fraud.

This is a must listen to series which for any investigator or compliance manager will provide a unique and un-paralleled insight into all things whistleblowing.

That's Our List!


If you would like to learn more about how I-OnAsia helps companies and their advisors by carrying out internal investigations or supporting whistleblower allegations contact any of our local offices.

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