Family Law & Covid-19: Addressing Domestic Violence with Phone Forensics

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I-OnAsia has a twenty year track record of providing litigation support to law firms. While much of our practice is focused on corporate finance and white collar issues, I-OnAsia has handled many very high profile divorces and Family Law matters. These cases frequently involve a mix of private security and security services alongside of computer E-Discovery and cellphone forensics.

Over the past few months, our work with families that are the victims of domestic violence has risen. I-OnAsia is seeing the pain and suffering brought by the global pandemic result in an increase in family disputes and domestic violence. We are also seeing that the hardships caused by corporate layoffs and furloughs has been worsened by government imposed quarantines. Domestic violence cases are on the rise, and victims are suffering through unending days in close quarters with their tormentors.

During the global pandemic calls into domestic violence helplines skyrocketed. Victims are mostly women.

The United Nations delivered recent alarming estimations which shone the light on the severity of this issue.

Approximately 243 million women and girls aged between 15 & 49 were the victims of sexual and or physical violence by their partner in the last 12 months, with an appalling statistic of 87,000 being killed in the last year. Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, in the UK alone two women a week died at the hands of their current or former partners.

I-OnAsia has found that mobile phone forensic technology can be a very effective way to help victims of domestic violence.

In many domestic violence cases the UP appears to be DOWN and reality is twisted by abusers. smart phones are tools that capture all types of data in the real world, running silently in the background. And, our team knows exactly how to use phone forensics to extract evidence of what has occurred.

In other domestic violence cases, abusers send their victims a sickening stream of controlling and manipulative text messages and truly painful emails. When this occurs, I-OnAsia moves quickly to collect evidence from victims' mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices.

Our best advice to victims? Remember that smart phones and tablets hold overwhelming amounts of data that can be used to end the cycle of violence.

Our computer forensics and E-Discovery team has repeatedly shown that phone data is vital to demonstrating the controlling behaviour of an abusive partner.

Recently, I-OnAsia worked with one lawyer who reflected on the fact that many years ago it was harder to get vital evidence. But today, digital forensic tools used by I-OnAsia have seemingly miraculously proven cases. Our process: We extract mobile devices, secure the evidence, recover vital deleted date, and present it to demonstrate illegal and violent behaviour.

There are other unique technology tools we use to help protect victims.

Our forensics team can examine phones and tell you whether an abuser has installed malicious software to monitor your movements. When these perverse programs are found by our cyber team, our experienced risk advisors suggest proven methods for addressing the surveillance safely.

All initial consultations are free.

The world' s technologies are advancing every day, and we have made significant corporate investments in tools that can be used to assist in stopping domestic violence in its tracks, and free the victims from abusive relationships and imprison perpetrators.

All initial consultations about our computer forensics and domestic security services are free. After twenty years in business, I-OnAsia is known for being reliable and professional.

We are here to support you and will achieve results.

Hong Kong Domestic Violence Helpline - 2343 2255
UK Domestic Violence Helpline - 0808 2000 247
USA Domestic Violence Helpline - +1 917-608-3476

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