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New Tech Partnership Delivers Future of Security Site Surveys, Overcomes Border/Cost Challenges

Updated: Jun 26, 2020


New York City. June 25th, 2020.

Expanding on I-OnAsia's 20-year track record of success in the areas of real estate, private security, and security related site inspections, I-OnAsia Limited has formed a new technical partnership to deliver added services for corporate security, real estate operations, and compliance.

Through the partnership, I-OnAsia will provide services for the 360° capture and collaboration software SiteView from Visual Plan Inc. I-OnAsia has also become an authorized SiteView software reseller.

Initially, I-OnAsia will be focused on offering remote site security survey services.

Using special cameras and powered by the SiteView software, I-OnAsia's team will capture gather 360° images of the facility and overlay them onto CAD drawings of the facility, creating a view of the facility for clients to examine with their own eyes.

Derek Elmer, I-OnAsia's CEO says: "Everyone has seen those cars with the funny cameras on top that develop LIDAR images for popular maps. This takes that concept and applies it to the inside of offices, buildings, and other areas within the perimeter. Seeing is believing. I think every building in the world needs this."

James Tunkey, I-OnAsia's COO says the offering is designed to overcome key challenges for security programs that want the benefits from site security audits, but are looking for solutions that do not carry heavy travel costs. "The site survey conducted by I-OnAsia using SiteView will deliver better results than clients are used to. Our focus remains on delivering something special to senior security officers who take a hands-on approach but still want to collaborate with peers, particularly with international office management and corporate real estate, but must overcome today's cost constraints and the health risks now associated with travel. This system is a major advance, and early feedback has been positive that this is something our clients are looking for."

Kelly Watt, the CEO of Visual Plan Inc. is enthusiastic. “I would like to welcome the global team at I-OnAsia as the newest authorized partner to Visual Plan. I am very excited to be working with such an experienced and reputable company and will be encouraging all our customers in the Americas to reach out and have their offices and buildings in Asia captured as soon as possible.

I-OnAsia is uniquely positioned to support 360° Capture Services on the ground in Asia, especially to U.S. and European multinationals who have limited access to Asia facilities. Using Visual Plan’s SiteView, I-OnAsia will be able to deliver high resolution measurable Digital Twins, BIM Compare, CAD and GIS to their customers overseas where facility operations, compliance teams, security and public safety concerns can be met with careful oversight, reporting, planning and collaboration. Next date or same week results are 100% reasonable.

Visual Plan's Kelly Watt says, "I-OnAsia’s customers will gain a truly valuable service and where current risk of travel, safety, visa restrictions, political and economic uncertainty make site visits nearly impossible. The pandemic, economic and political uncertainty have changed the rules of the game. Companies like I-OnAsia have the foresight to be the equalizer to help companies manage these uncertain times. For any potential user, just think how valuable it would be to remotely walk through your facility in Guangdong, enter a mechanical room, open a locked electrical cabinet and validate a critical gap of information missing from your outdated 2D CAD diagrams, if you even have them. And then remotely visit your facility in Hong Kong to validate the next uncertainty on your list." This is exactly the power of I-OnAsia's new service using the SiteView software.

I-OnAsia will offer 360° remote capture services globally, and is an authorized reseller of the SiteView software for US and EU based customers.

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