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Litigation Support 101: Introduction to I-OnAsia's Phone Forensics Technology

I-OnAsia is frequently asked questions about cellphone forensics and electronic discovery on mobile phones. So, our team has created an introductory video. Narrated by I-OnAsia's London office director, Oliver Laurence CCO CCA, the below video provides a brief background on the practical aspects of I-OnAsia's cellphone forensics and mobile phone electronic discovery.

Key Topics

Introduction: 00:00 - 01:05

Discussion Points: 01:06 - 01:19

Why is phone forensics important: 01:20 - 03:01

Securing Phone and Tablet Evidence & the use of a Faraday Bag: 03:02 - 05:38

Finger Forensics: 05:39 - 08:20

Advanced Logical Extraction - 08:21 - 10:11

File System Extraction - 10:12 - 10:56

Full Physical Examination - 10:57 - 12:20

Manual Examination - 12:20 - 13:45

Closing comments - 13:46 - Completion.

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