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Law Firms: Our Investigations Will Beat Your Expectations

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I-OnAsia is ranked by Chambers for Litigation Support for a simple reason: Our team succeeds in providing external investigations support to law firms and in-house counsel.

I-OnAsia's clients in the legal community are accomplished, and certainly know their own way around investigations. Many are former prosecutors. The key to our success has been to exceed their high expectations, and to deliver a better result than they could without us. Like we said, its simple.

Here's a few things you may want to know about us: We’re current, driven, advanced and professional. These commitments make all the difference when providing litigation support and white collar investigations at the instruction of senior law firm partners on complex global matters.

There are very few investigations that we receive at I-OnAsia today that don’t touch another part of the world. Those that set out to do harm, often do it from distance, under the guise of a fake email account, a fake Facebook profile or an unknown Twitter handle, all of which can be hard to identify and link to the untrained eye, with limited resources and poor investigative know how.

As frequently as our global litigation partners are engaged to support clients with a variety of different legal matters, we are often approached to support with an array of complex investigative, intelligence and security strategies to aid in the goal of quick resolution and protection of the clients’ interests.

We have learnt over the last twenty years of successes in the arena of investigations and security risk management, that the key to supporting clients and demonstrating a global capability, is providing them with solutions that resolve their matters in a timely manner, by implementing investigative and intelligence and security risk management techniques which are;


The latest technologies are utilised to support and enhance investigative, intelligence & security strategies, and provide quick insights to clients in times of crisis.


Our team of Hong Kong professionals are driven by the desire to succeed and support an objective.


Our people our most important assets so we remain advanced by investing in their skills and development to always ensure we understand the latest threats and challenges that exist.


Completing our assignments with the upmost integrity and professionalism so that our results support and advance a clients position.

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