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I-OnAsia wins major global #returntowork & #returntoworship Temperature Screening contracts

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hundreds of Work & Prayer Sites Include Marquee Real Estate, Highlighting Global Coverage.

I-OnAsia has won major #returntowork and #returntoworship Temperature Screening contracts in response to the #covid19 crisis. The contracts involve the supply of standardized health screening and access control services globally, to office buildings and churches.

The contracts demonstrate I-OnAsia's global reach and build on I-OnAsia's deep experience in key areas of risk management that are now complimentary and in high demand by leaders looking globally for the best talent to solve hyper-local challenges of ensuring health and safety at sites that have varied designs, visitor numbers, and control.

To help us win, past clients came forward to vouch for I-OnAsia; describing our team's track record in providing access control and security on quick-turnaround and temporary assignments in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. I-OnAsia's clients provided references on our #leadership team's significant experience providing relevant site-specific training and contingency planning, focused on dual priorities of #customerservice and #safety.

I-OnAsia has strong relationships with #lawenforcement and #publichealth officials, as well as with local guardforce companies and temporary medical personnel suppliers worldwide.

I-OnAsia also has a decade+ of post-SARS familiarity with the use of handheld thermometers and other technologies to measure temperatures. Our experience during #coronavirus includes #sourcing PPE and other equipment for operators worldwide. I-OnAsia's high impact work on the PPE Due Diligence side (see has further strengthened our access to reliable PPE vendors.

I-OnAsia's extensive network in bio-security gives our team tremendous reach to the scientific and public health and emergency management communities, which are so essential to delivering a multi-disciplinary response.

In considering I-OnAsia's bids, clients complimented our team on the completeness of our submissions. I-OnAsia demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of client needs and the requisite operational expertise.

These new contracts have the potential to include coverage at hundreds of sites beyond Asia.

At one #church site in Europe, work has already begun. This week, I-OnAsia's Oliver Laurence provided a #riskassessment for #returntoworship that focused on technology and process could be applied to welcome as many parishioners into the church as possible. Ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to minimise the risk of the spread and contraction of Covid-19, is the first priority. I-OnAsia is quickly resolving issues in partnership with #leadership for effective and comprehensive risk mitigation, and is implementing efficient screening procedures.

Clients receive regular briefings on all aspects to be considered when re-opening their sites. Our focus on up-front and detailed risk assessments has been praised, giving clients greater peace of mind that future risks can be mitigated, and delivering a foundation for safe worship.

Feedback has been positive. One key leader with knowledge of I-OnAsia's work states, "I-OnAsia is actually doing the critical work. We see other companies just talking about why the work is necessary. But I-OnAsia showed up to actually get things done."

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