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Top 10 ESG Podcasts Streaming Today.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Updated March 2021

What are the Top 10 ESG Podcasts streaming on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify? We've listened to the universe of content, looking for the most recent and relevant ESG Podcasts of interest to busy corporate executives and legal advisors. We're focused on good quality speakers, sharp analysis, and applicability to today's true business needs.

We're avid consumers of ESG Podcasts ourselves, interpreting the latest trends for global corporations as they shape their operations and manage their sustainability, and hunting for improvements to our own ESG Due Diligence offerings.

ESG Soundbite Series

There are a number of great resources that aid legal representatives, risk managers, CEO’s and interested parties offered by peers in the legal community. To keep up with the evolution of ESG Risk and to keep in touch with the latest news and information on the subject, we aren't afraid to spotlight great content produced from the private sector. This series is produced by the law firm Linklaters. What's not to like about getting top-notch legal opinions and strategic insights direct to your device when you want it?!

ESG Insider

Governments across the globe are taking notice of the importance of ESG, and drafting and implementing legislation which compels corporations, their CEO’s and boards to carry out their internal ESG due diligence to ensure they manage their ESG risks. These moves are affecting the sovereign and corporate bond markets, and pushing boards to better understand risks in their supply chains and customer base. The key is how C-suite decisions impact people and the environment. Because this ESG Insider Podcast series is produced by S&P Global, listeners are able to gain access to insights derived from S&P Global's vast trove of data and data-derived analytics.


The evolution of podcasts over the last decade has meant that keeping up with important issues can now be done from the car, on the train, or walking to and from the office. This can be a lot of time to fill, and so a good podcast series has some depth and longevity. At 124 episodes episodes and counting (as of March 2021), a listener to this Podcast series has the opportunity to work through all of the complexities of ESG in great detail. MSCI have become leaders in the ESG space by driving a quantitative approach that will be accepted by financial investors. There is substantial coverage of major shifts in market trends and opportunities to gain insights from across the spectrum of environmental, social, and governance topics affecting institutional investment decisions.

The ESG Agenda

ESG progress requires us all to do a lot of listening to others. The issues matter. The ESG Agenda is a podcast hosted by Brunswick Group executive Amelia Pan, who has a great point of view and interviews interesting people. This is another perfect example of great ESG advice from the private sector, as Amelia interviews experts.

ESG Matters

When our team listens to podcasts, we aim to identify and assess how well changes to the landscape are explained by experts. This ESG Podcast from Ashurst focuses on the subject of sustainability and change. We see this as a truly meaningful and thought provoking direction: As the more things change, how do we maintain the same commitment to ESG?

PRI Podcasts

No list of Top 10 ESG Podcasts would be complete without including the Principals for Responsible Investment (PRI) series. PRI's reach, resources, and access to key stakeholders results in great content. The work of PRI is serious and really can help any listener committed to getting deep into the weeds on ESG issues.

ISS ESG's Podcasts

Short, sweet, and to the point. ISS ESG’s Podcasts include enjoyable and digestible content worthy of also hitting the subscribe button.

ESG News & Views

The Conference Board is an important influencer. Members are often thought of as 'the Corporate Elite', which is a good thing in our opinion. No progress on ESG can be meaningfully made around the planet if the interests of investors and the business community and corporate employees aren't aligned with ESG goals. Staying abreast of progress by Conference Board members is worth doing.

The ESG Podcast

This Podcast series helps to counterbalance some of the 'heavily commercial' perspectives on this list but remains grounded in an enterprise mindset. The Podcasts explore ways to develop a better future by transforming the profits of today into tomorrow's social assets.

Breakdown: Bitcoin Investing Is ESG Investing

It seems to us that folks have often thrown in references to Bitcoin (BTC) or blockchain just to increase valuations or drive clicks. BTC and blockchain initiatives might be the next big thing or signs of the end-times. But our view is that ESG growth has resulted in at least two extremely exciting trends: technology innovation and financialization of assets that previously were not valued. We listen to this Podcast keeping these trends in mind.

That's Our List!


If you would like to learn more about how I-OnAsia helps companies and their advisors by performing risk assessment field audits of factories or conducts due diligence on the most difficult areas of the ESG risk spectrum, please contact any of our local offices.

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