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I-OnAsia Partners With US Secret Service's Hawaii-Pacific Cyber Fraud Task Force

Private Sector Partnership Reflects Continued Excellence In Fraud Investigations and Law Enforcement Liaison.

I-OnAsia is pleased to announce our inclusion as a private sector Partner of the U.S. Secret Service's Hawaii-Pacific Cyber Fraud Task Force (CFTC).

The CFTC was created in March 2020 "in recognition of the growing convergence of cyber and traditional financial crimes", with a merger of the Electronic Crimes Task Forces and Financial Crimes Task Forces. The CFTC is forward leaning, addressing the ever-increasing importance of cyber to finance, and the relationship between money and technology. Transnational cybercrime is a growing threat to financial systems. By becoming a partner of the CFTC office most focused on the Pacific, I-OnAsia is better positioned to help private sector clients both address these growing threats and respond to crimes touching the U.S. financial system.

Considered the "Guardians of Democracy", the U.S. Secret Service has a proud 155 year history. The first Secret Service Division Chief, Mr. William P. Wood, had actually come from the private sector. Wood had been a private investigator, according to retired Special Agent In Charge Mr. Thomas Sloan in his authoritative history of the Service.

I-OnAsia has been very fortunate over the past twenty years to have worked with many members of the U.S. Secret Service family. Most frequently these quiet and unsung heroes have been in corporate security for American companies. Our I-OnAsia team shares common values, including a "generational" mindset and appreciation for the pursuit of justice with courage and honesty.

I-OnAsia investigates counterfeiting, which overlaps with the historic mission of the U.S. Secret Service. We also provide security threat and risk assessments as well as private security services and executive protection for major event activities, such as the Olympics.

In recent years, our investigations have focused on cybercrimes involving illicit profits illegally laundered through online payments or by using cryptocurrencies. I-OnAsia's team has strong subject matter expertise in fraud investigations in the Pacific region.

Money laundering is a common shared national security concern for all governments in Asia. A particular concern is terrorist finance. For the U.S. Secret Service, key events always to be remembered have included the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, the 1995 Murrah Building Bombing, and September 11th 2001.

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