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I-OnAsia backs Cross Border Consultancy

Cross Border Consultancy (CBC) will provide advice to leaders facing complex global challenges.

I-OnAsia has invested in CBC, a Hong Kong-registered global advisory. The new firm will deliver solutions for elite executives, their families and companies. I-OnAsia has taken a minority stake in the business and has provided start-up resources including in kind office, administration, and research support. I-OnAsia's founder and chairman, Mr. Derek Elmer will serve as CBC's founding chairman and an additional I-OnAsia representative will sit on CBC's advisory committee.

Mr. Elmer states, "I am extremely excited to support CBC's growth. I-OnAsia has a 20-year track record of success handling complex business and personal disputes and resolving deals gone sour. At the highest levels of importance, we've seen success achieved in partnership with others. We see a once-in-a-generation shift in thinking about cross border strategies. Our CBC initiative builds on this steady foundation of the past. The key individuals who have formed CBC have had fantastic experience working together on a project-by-project basis. Now the new venture will provide a steady foundation for more formal engagements by clients seeking to overcome tomorrow's cross border challenges."

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