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Chambers Includes I-OnAsia in 2021 Guide.

I-OnAsia is being recognised by the prestigious Chambers Guides for our work in litigation support in Asia on behalf of law firm and in-house legal clients. Chambers will now list I-OnAsia on its site, which is widely respected as a resource for the legal community.

I-OnAsia's Chairman Derek Elmer states:

"We are very pleased to be entering into the Chambers ranks, and grateful for our clients' kind words of support.

We feel what makes I-OnAsia unique is our trustworthiness. We are deeply committed to delivering excellent results and to not letting our clients down. I-OnAsia's clients have witnessed our reliability first-hand, and our performance has been rock-solid despite the pandemic.

I-OnAsia has a large team of full-time experts in critical areas of litigation support. Our team works from real physical offices.

This is I-OnAsia's first year of inclusion by Chambers. We may be entering as newbies in the rankings, but I-OnAsia has a 21-year track record of success in providing litigation support services to law firms around the world. We look forward to seeing our standing improve in the future years.”

I-OnAsia's US and UK based clients also came forward to provide independent references to Chambers. I-OnAsia has been supporting the legal community since 2001. I-OnAsia has completed over 17,000 cases in Asia and across the globe out of its Hong Kong headquarters, New York and London. A number of these cases have involved white collar crime investigations, anti corruption investigations, AML & KYC due diligence, ESG and whistleblower investigations.

For further information and to view I-OnAsia's profile on the Chambers & Partners official site, please follow the link;

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