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CEO's Ruminations: Keeping Your Secrets Private

Well I hope it’s all going full steam ahead for everyone in the first month of 2018 albeit with the Chinese new year fast approaching that will certainly slow down somewhat.

By the way, did I foresee in my last rumination Oprah possibly throwing her Polar Bear Chic hat (apparently her favorite in 2017) into the swamp for USA President in 2020!?

Or do I have access to the best surveillance available on the planet and picked up this tidbit of information before her universally acclaimed “wow” Golden Globes’ speech?


Ponder that one while I discuss one of the hottest services offered by I-OnAsia – technical surveillance counter-measures (“TSCM”).

The Donald obviously would benefit from our service. Frankly, I think just about anyone concerned with eavesdropping would benefit…but I am biased!

“Spying among friends is never acceptable.” – Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Oh, go on Chancellor Merkel, you know you do it as well.

Eavesdropping, snooping on, spying, bugging, taping or simply overhearing…call it what you like, it is happening every minute of every day of the year.

Whether imposed upon friends, wives, husbands, children, business adversaries, joint venture partners, fellow shareholders or board members…well, just about anybody…it is happening…a lot!!!

More importantly, I think it fair to say the people doing the spying are employing even more sophisticated toys to achieve their objectives.

Et voila, the people suffering the breach of privacy are now able to avail of TSCM, which is the original Yank abbreviation for the process of bug-sweeping or electronic counter surveillance. TSCM involves the continuous and systematic physical and electronic examination of a designated area by properly trained, qualified and equipped persons in an attempt to discover electronic eavesdropping devices, security hazards or security weaknesses.

A TSCM survey, which I-OnAsia offers clients at cost-effective rates, provides a professional evaluation of the designated area’s technical security and usually will consist of a meticulous visual, electronic, and physical examination.

Our staff attend training courses in the USA every year to ensure the highest standards of TSCM services are available to our clients. These courses, which lead to relevant internationally recognized certifications, include training in:

§ Basic facility concerns

§ Acoustic/microphone threats

§ Microwave threats

§ Laser threats

§ Infrared threats

§ Carrier current threats

§ Physical search procedures

§ Electronic search procedures

§ Sweep concepts

§ Telephone and Line testing procedures and equipment

§ Overview of and training with TSCM equipment, i.e. some James Bond-like names such as Advanced Near-field Detection Receiver and OSCOR Spectrum Analyzer

§ Capturing and analysing VoIP traffic

I believe employing TSCM is essential to good corporate governance, particularly for large public companies seeking to facilitate cost-effective and efficient management of resources to deliver long-term success for its stakeholders.


§ Walking into a negotiation to acquire an invention deemed essential to your company’s success and the other side already knows EXACTLY how much you are willing to pay?

§ Flipping to the business section of The Financial Times to discover your competitor has curiously employed EXACTLY the same strategy you had decided to implement for your corporate expansion?

§ Losing a large project because your competitor offers EXACTLY US$1 more than your sealed bid?

§ Wondering why a key employee resigned and joined another firm until discovering EXACTLY how much more he was offered, which slightly beat out your offer?

§ Being investigated by the stock exchange on which your shares are traded because a group of supposedly independent investors knew EXACTLY when to execute a buy order in advance of a not yet public announcement?

§ Beating up your trusted advisors because your husband knew EXACTLY how much you were willing to pay him to live happily ever after with his new model girlfriend?

The list is endless. The risks are endless.

Doing nothing while hoping for the best is simply not the way forward.

Give me a call for a complimentary risk assessment. My team will visit, have a quick look at the designated area/office, ask some questions and thereafter provide you with a proposal.

Oh, yes, while we are on the subject of un-invited listening to others, please do not forget you can only be on one side and we are the finders. We are not the planters!

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