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CEO's Ruminations: Enhanced Due Diligence

As my dear readers know, my last tidbit focused on uncovering eavesdropping being visited upon our clients. Remember Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (“TSCM”)?

Today, I am considering the flipside of the coin. That is, perhaps you should consider some form of what I like to call “enhanced due diligence” or eavesdropping of your own, mais oui?

“It is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for the purposes of spying, and thereby they achieve great results.” – Sun Tzu

Hey, if it worked for Sun Tzu around 544 BC before microwaves, lasers, telephones, the Internet, etc., then I have no doubt keeping one’s ears to the ground has merit.

As I alluded to during my last rumination, snooping on others is happening every minute of every day of the year. Not to engage in the same would be to wake up every morning happily (did I hear naively?) humming the tune of “It’s a small world after all”.

Hold that thought…

Yes, it is a small world and it is getting smaller each day. This is one of the reasons why people are seeking to obtain as much information as possible about their friends, wives, husbands, children, business adversaries, joint venture partners, fellow shareholders or board members.

I think one might call it “doing unto others before they do unto you”. Please do not get me wrong…I believe availing oneself of TSCM is fundamental.

However, I also know employing preventative, active enhanced due diligence is essential to good corporate governance and peace of mind.


§ You are seeking to acquire an invention deemed essential to your company’s success. PERHAPS discreetly chatting with some of the seller’s key personnel to uncover a little more about the seller’s bottom line price might be useful?

§ You seem to be losing every bid to your fiercest competitor despite your best efforts and what you consider to be your fair-minded conduct. PERHAPS you need to have a word with the potential clients (without them knowing it is you) to determine if your competitor is engaged in some anti-competitive, “not cricket” behaviour prohibited by the law?

§ You notice gross profit margins seem to be shrinking despite years of successful business with the suppliers providing you with the raw materials necessary to make your product. PERHAPS you need to look into the relationship(s) between key staff on both sides of the equation to uncover whether anyone is enjoying more than a few holidays in certain South Pacific islands with friendly banks?

§ You are reviewing simply the most amazing curriculum vitae of a potential new employee that conjures up thoughts of “too good to be true”. PERHAPS you should look beyond the ink and paper to unveil what really might be the stuff of which this super hero is made?

I-OnAsia pursues the facts with zeal. We can be very simple-minded folks, who focus on doing the basics very well. We also can be very complicated and clever sleuths, who investigate all possibilities using every legal tool available.

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