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Advanced Dark Web Due Diligence

What’s lurking beneath the surface of the Darkweb that affects you?

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is now receiving reports of over US$ 1 billion in cyber-crimes per year. These reports are just the tip of the iceberg, with many losses going unreported to the FBI and other authorities.

To identify the cyber threats that affect business executives and investors, I-OnAsia is now offering standard and enhanced Dark Web searches on due diligence projects.These searches build on I-OnAsia’s years of experience investigating cyber threats that include investigating business email crime (BEC), confidence fraud, corporate and personal data breaches.

I-OnAsia’s cyber infrastructure of advanced stand-alone machines and software mines the Dark Web and Asia’s unique criminal chat sites for indicators of stolen credentials, personal information, and other past or planned attackers.

Our dedicated researchers draw from their real-life investigative experiences at the sharp end of the spear: chasing anonymous extortionists, investigating causes of data breaches, responding to malicious insider cyber sabotage, identifying stolen goods and criminal networks coordinating through the Darkweb, and reclaiming funds that stolen via cyber-enabled socially engineering.

Standard checks focus on answering basic questions, such as: Is sensitive corporate data, a corporation’s customer data, and/or personal data relating to key executives available for purchase or use on the Darkweb?

Advanced searches can consider the importance and value to the enterprise of identified executive cyber knowledge and reputation, corporate cyber capabilities, and customer data protection in practice.We then identify key short term and long-term solutions.

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