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Law Enforcement Liaison

I-OnAsia has the global network and relationships to get help quickly.

I-OnAsia helps clients to make referrals to law enforcement, and to get help.

  • I-OnAsia assisted a Hong Kong company that needed police help handling violent protesters.

  • A European manufacturer was the victim of cyber spoofing attack costing US$100 million.  I-OnAsia prepared an urgent complaint with the Hong Kong Police, and bank accounts were frozen.

  • I-OnAsia has helped Asian customs officers verify products are counterfeit.

  • Our team assisted an American technology company file a criminal complaint with the Seoul Police.

  • I-OnAsia helped a high net worth family liaise with the FBI to resolve an extortion attempt.

  • We helped a Hong Kong person prepare a whistle-blower complaint for the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.


  • I-OnAsia assisted a British national clear his name.

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