Hong Kong
& Greater China.

Elite capabilities & experience for China.

I-OnAsia's twenty years of success across Greater China and globally is a Hong Kong success story.

I-OnAsia was founded in Hong Kong in 2001, and our representative offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou China were established shortly thereafter. 


I-OnAsia's team is distinguished because we reflect the best of our Hong Kong roots.  We are fifty people strong in Greater China.  Our team of full time investigators, security consultants, pre-IPO due diligence specialists, cyber sleuths, and other subject matter experts are all a part of, and understand, China's deep history.  We are committed to our community.


Like Hong Kong, we are entrepreneurial.  We work incredibly hard as a team to deliver a quality product and a globally competitive cost.  We hold ourselves accountable for delivering great work, even in difficult circumstances.  We succeed because we are patient and nurturing together.

Mr. Derek Elmer is the Chairman of I-OnAsia and the company's founder. He is a fluent Cantonese speaking British national and Hong Kong Permanent Resident with three decades' experience as a leader in due diligence, crisis management, private security, and litigation support. 

Before establishing I-OnAsia, Derek had significant experience working in leadership positions at one of Hong Kong and Greater China's most successful industrial businesses, the CNT Group.  Derek reported directly to CNT Group Chairman Tsui Tsin Tong.  


Since establishing I-OnAsia, Derek has developed an excellent and stable team of high-performing professionals.  This entire site... every page, and not simply this page dedicated to Hong Kong and Greater China, is a true and accurate reflection of the accomplishments of Derek and the team based in Greater China.  Our team has completed over 17,000 of the most sensitive and important private security and investigations assignments in the region, and is without question capable of handling your next assignment.

Areas of Absolute Market Leadership For Greater China

Pre-IPO Due Diligence

I-OnAsia has performed Pre-IPO Due Diligence on China's largest companies.  


I-OnAsia is the market leader of Pre-IPO Due Diligence for Chinese companies going IPO in Hong Kong.  I-OnAsia's due diligence service helps companies, financial sponsors, and their advisers to fulfill regulatory obligations under the applicable rules governing the listing of securities on the Hong Kong Exchange. 


We have a 20-year track record of excellence protecting the interests of corporate finance teams, legal stakeholders, and investors.


I-OnAsia is also trusted by American and European institutional investors, professional advisors, and other market participants to reliably diligence Chinese companies seeking to IPO on other exchanges.


Crisis Management

I-OnAsia is the leading crisis management investigator and security consultant for Hong Kong executives and businesses.

Our past Crisis Management clients have included Asia's most prestigious families and accomplished executives at large corporations.  I-OnAsia is trusted to find the answers.  We're a disciplined team.  We have seen similar challenges to what you likely face. 


Short sellers betting billions against good companies.  Fake news and insider leaks and deeply personal betrayals.  Strikes and labor unrest.  Foreign government anger at strategic change.  Employee wrongdoing.  Extortion with hacked personal data.  Social media crises touching millions of fans.  Customer service complaints.  Very personal issues.  Horrific events.  Our Greater China based team operates across the region and has seen it all.


Litigation Support

Legal professionals across Greater China choose I-OnAsia because we respond quickly.  I-OnAsia's team works harder (and smarter) than any of our competitors. 

Each year clients in Hong Kong say the same thing: "No one else could have gotten this result."  

I-OnAsia has a large team of full-time field investigators on staff.  This is very unique in Asia.  I-OnAsia can deliver better results quicker, because we are not waiting around for unreliable subcontractors to deliver a substandard result.  We invest in training (from trade-craft to technical to ethics), and maintain strict operational controls and discipline.  The regular flow of cases means that our team is sharp, up-to-date, and focused on achieving a successful result.  

I-OnAsia's Hong Kong team has wide global reach, and has achieved miracles for clients across over 100 countries.


Security Services

I-OnAsia has a twenty year track record of providing private Security Services which are modern, motivated, progressive and professional.  I-OnAsia Security Services meet the needs of many of the world's largest global companies.

I-OnAsia's Intelligence Led methodologies allow us to exploit our company's superior situational awareness in some of the most challenging and diverse environments in the world. Over the past two decades, I-OnAsia has continuously invested in training and resource recruitment to earn the trust and respect of the Chief Security Officers (CSOs) of some of the world's largest companies. 

I-OnAsia is a regular exhibitor at global security conferences, and is recognized there as a global provider of Security Personnel, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Security Assessments, Olympic Security, and Threat Intelligence.  No Hong Kong headquartered security consultancy or risk management advisory participates on the world stage at these levels.


I-OnAsia also regularly participates in risk and intelligence sharing forums, such as the U.S. Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC).  I-OnAsia is the ONLY Hong Kong headquartered security or risk management advisory that is an OSAC constituent to have regularly attended the OSAC annual briefing in Washington DC, and I-OnAsia’s team is the only Asian headquartered consultancy to contribute as a sponsor to the 2019 meeting of the Pacific Asia Regional Council (PARC).  Likewise, I-OnAsia was the only Hong Kong headquartered consultancy to participate in 2019’s annual meeting of the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals.