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I-OnAsia has investigated illegal loggers, indentured servitude and human trafficking, child labour, corruption, and toxic corporate cultures. 

I-OnAsia has supported the transition to a sustainable economy for twenty years.  Clients have included multi-lateral institutions with headquarters in the United States, in Asia and in Africa.  Clients have also included Canadian provincial pension programs, Northern European institutional investors, and corporate investors in sustainability and economic transformation.

Due diligence that focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues is becoming increasingly important, especially for institutional investors.  ESG is a type of enhanced due diligence.  In an ESG due diligence project for global clients, I-OnAsia research is focused in greater depth on suppliers, the workplace, and communities.

I-OnAsia's ESG Due Diligence is informed by our experience undertaking serious internal and external investigations into corruption, child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, natural resources smuggling, environmental crisis, and other sensitive issues.  Our experience extends across the region: from Guam to Pakistan, from Bangladesh to Inner Mongolia.

I-OnAsia digs deeply into the key sustainability dimensions: Environmental, Leadership & Governance, Business Model & Innovation, Social Capital, and Human Capital.

Today, I-OnAsia's ESG Due Diligence product satisfies leadership approaches, policies, standards and metrics for investors that have implemented an ESG program.

For many of our customers in Asia, this means digging deeply into the Supply Chain.  We have moved beyond "key man risk" to "key supplier risk".

Investor capital is increasingly being awarded to companies with higher quality ESG performance, and poor ESG can comes at a great cost.  Use cases for ESG approaches are more widely understood and accepted.

Pre-Investment, I-OnAsia performs due diligence on target companies to identify ESG risks and opportunities.  Our goal is to collect data from stakeholders that are often overlooked.  For example: factory workers lower down in the supply chain, residents around waste outlets, regulators, ex-employees, and online social communities.

ESG risks in the supply chain that are examined by I-OnAsia include sourcing and materials, health and safety, labor conditions, environmental regulation compliance, organizational integrity, community relations, and other issues.


No I-OnAsia ESG Due Diligence Report Is The Same

I-OnAsia's ESG Due Diligence product is a report that is highly customized, and informed by the target company's activities and footprint.

I-OnAsia brings decades of experience to each project.  Our approaches are informed by our own extensive archive of case histories: of how ESG failures occur by country and industry, and how best to investigate allegations objectively.


I-OnAsia also brings a unique data-driven approach to our assignments.  We maintain a database of significant operational risk loss events across the region since the year 1940.

What Clients Say About I-OnAsia's Due Diligence

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Each I-OnAsia Office

Conducts Local Due Diligence.


Hong Kong

Company Founded in 2001.

In addition to handling IPO cases, our China offices handle due diligence on behalf of venture and hedge fund investors, direct investors and wealthy families.  The Hong Kong office also coordinates work emanating from Asia but performed in other parts of the world.

We have a full team of experienced researchers working in Chinese, Tagalog, Bahasa, Japanese, and other local languages.


New York

Office Established 2004.

I-OnAsia's New York office handles due diligence work both in the United States and internationally.  Local resources include all standard and advanced U.S. databases. 


Global capabilities extend to every continent.  (Yes, even Antarctica.)

London City


Office Re-Established 2019.

Led by Britain's 2019 Investigator of the Year, a former international law enforcement officer and government investigator, I-OnAsia conducts due diligence in the United Kingdom and beyond.  Local due diligence in the U.K. and the E.U. conforms with GDPR.  What makes I-OnAsia special for conducting due diligence?  Our global perspective and experience.  No other team understands the global picture.

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I-OnAsia is a global risk management consultancy.  Our company has a twenty-year track record of success.  We are Asia's market leader in critical areas of Due Diligence, Crisis Management, Security ServicesCorporate Investigations, and Litigation SupportOur teams in New York and London have a superior understanding of Asia, and also solve local problems. Experience matters.  I-OnAsia has completed more than 17,000 cases.  Clients benefit from our hard-earned insights and global reach.  

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