Accurate & Reliable
Crisis Intelligence.

What has really happened?  What was the cause?  Who are the key players, and what are they thinking?  What are the best solutions?  I-OnAsia gets the answers. 

I-OnAsia's Crisis Intelligence activities have been crucial to the success of our crisis management clients.  Our job is to find answers, and we have a track record of success.

I-OnAsia is the region's leading investigator.  We know exactly how to ethically gather accurate and reliable information, quickly and confidentially. 


Corporate & Private

I-OnAsia has helped clients resolve crises involving angry customers, disgruntled workers, community leaders, and even family members.

I-OnAsia works to find the critical pieces of Crisis Intelligence - missing information or insights.  ​I-OnAsia's activities may include (i.) gathering local language media and conducting sentiment analysis of statements; (ii.) locating sources of anonymous complaints, gathering facts to help determine whether any allegations are genuine; (iii.) building chronologies of events or conducting link analysis to bring clarity; (iv.) discreet interviews of people with likely knowledge of events; (v.) physical or technical surveillance of threats; (vi.) and/or by providing security. 

Once these activities are under way and investigations yield clarity, our reports can include assessments of ways to de-escalate conflict, prepared by skilled negotiators.

Shareholder Disputes

I-OnAsia is frequently asked to provide crisis management support in relation to shareholder disputes, such as when: (1.) a third party is making false or misleading statements to move a stock price or gain leverage in a battle for corporate control; or, (2.) an existing shareholder or executive is wrongfully attempting a hostile takeover from the inside, to the detriment of other shareholders.

We bring superior firepower: better investigators and better tradecraft.

The scope of our "activities" - actions our team can take towards achieving client objectives - most frequently includes: (i.) evidence preservation that is beyond reproach; (ii.) forensic analysis by specialists with superior credentials as expert witnesses; and, (iii.) thorough surveys and undercover interviews structured to be beyond reproach.

Clients trust our analysis because we have proven ourselves successful on over 16,000 corporate investigative assignments.


I-OnAsia has significant experience working with general counsel, chief financial officers, and other members of executive leadership responding to allegations of corruption.

Our team's particular expertise is gathering evidence in multiple jurisdictions with different regulatory and national security policies. 

We have worked in over 60 countries.  On many assignments, we support the world's biggest accounting and law firms navigate jurisdictional challenges by providing "creative but ethical" solutions in the areas of evidence collection, evidence preservation, evidence analysis, and evidence transfer.   

During the past 20 years our team has worked many of the world's largest fraud, corruption, and money laundering investigations.  Our subjects have included national leaders, corrupt members of royal families, and executives of corporations large and small.

We maintain a large-scale FCPA compliance vendor vetting capability, handling hundreds of assignments per year.  Level One and Level Two checks examine risk indicators and fulfill regulatory oversight requirements. 

Reputational & Social Media Crises

I-OnAsia has successfully pursued anonymous hackers and spearphishers threatening to cause reputational damage by releasing stolen images, emails, and other data on social media.

Our team has successfully identified ringleaders of protest groups fomenting violence and threatening destruction of client properties.

Data forensics and Dark Web researchers use sophisticated tools, while our undercover operatives dig for answers.

Our team includes leading hostage negotiators retired from elite law enforcement units, experienced at identifying motivations, building rapport, buying time, and achieving client objectives.  

We are experienced in crisis negotiations via encrypted chats and in chasing cryptocurrency transfers.