I-OnAsia's 'Heat Seeker' Cyber Analysis Investigations

Utilising the latest in cyber analysis AI technologies, I-OnAsia's global 'Heat Seeker' capability allows for even greater in depth investigations, leading to greater decision making in a time critical environment.

I-OnAsia has twenty years' experience conducting enhanced due diligence globally.  We have developed with our partners one of the most advanced cyber analysis capabilities in the investigations & intelligence sector.

I-OnAsia released in 2020, its new global cyber analysis capability, 'Heat Seeker'.


This new capability allows our global investigations and intelligence teams to carry out in-depth cyber analysis investigations obtaining vital information from corporate records, assets, social media analysis, crypto currency transactions, to name just a few advantages to the capabilities of this system and teams ability to provide even more information to our clients than ever before.

I-OnAsia has been a market leader in Asia for over 20 years, carrying out over 17,000 investigations to date  both inside and outside of the Asia. During this time our cyber analysis team have been working on technological developments to support the ever-growing demand for our clients to need to know more information, quicker, so they can make faster and more accurate decisions.

I-OnAsia's 'Heat Seeker' capability is supporting private, corporate and legal clients in a number of complex and sensitive matters.

Source of Wealth Investigations

Crisis Management - Social media monitoring

Due Diligence - Enhanced Level II & III

Social Media Investigations

Large Pre-Transaction Due Diligence Requirements

Litigation Support

Asset Tracing

Crypto Currency Investigations

Offshore Company Investigations

Global Sanctions & Media Reporting

Shipping & Cargo Investigations

With several investigations underway with the use of 'Heat Seeker', I-OnAsia's clients are already seeing the benefits, of not only the information that is gathered in rapid time, but the way it can be presented in such a manner as to be easily understood, assessed  for  decisions to be made from, all while supported with our analysts full report to compliment.




'Heat Seeker' brings together over global 4000 reguarly updated data sets into one location, allowing for even greater global investigative capability & coverage, in some of the most challenging jurisdictions to operate in, without even having to step foot in them.


The 'Heat Seeker' system also provides a rapid ability to carry out in-depth social media analysis to identify individuals, their linked accounts, and quickly identify certain content and track it so as to monitor an evolving situation, such as a crisis.

'Heat Seeker' is speeding up the investigations process, allowing I-OnAsia's in house intelligence analysts to support HUMINT investigations on the ground, by identifying leads, locating possible witnesses, linking associates, and obtaining corporate records and hidden assets in some cases with offshore entities.

What Clients Say About I-OnAsia's Due Diligence

"This is quite an incredible development."

"Great speed."

"Fabulous, easy to follow, and more importantly, understand."

"Very satisfied."

 "Would highly recommend."

Each I-OnAsia Office Can
Conduct Heat Seeker Investigations.


Hong Kong

Company Founded in 2001.

In addition to handling IPO cases, our China offices handle due diligence on behalf of venture and hedge fund investors, direct investors and wealthy families.  The Hong Kong office also coordinates work emanating from Asia but performed in other parts of the world.

We have a full team of experienced researchers working in Chinese, Tagalog, Bahasa, Japanese, and other local languages.


New York

Office Established 2004.

I-OnAsia's New York office handles due diligence work both in the United States and internationally.  Local resources include all standard and advanced U.S. databases. 


Global capabilities extend to every continent.  (Yes, even Antarctica.)

London City


Office Re-Established 2019.

Led by Britain's 2019 Investigator of the Year, a former international law enforcement officer and government investigator, I-OnAsia conducts due diligence in the United Kingdom and beyond. Local due diligence in the U.K. and the E.U. conforms with GDPR.  What makes I-OnAsia special for conducting due diligence?  Our global perspective and experience.  No other team understands the global picture.