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I-OnAsia is the leading investigative, intelligence & security consultant in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth.

Due Diligence - New Listings * VC & Corporate Venture * SPACs * Funds

World Class.  In Australia & Beyond

I-OnAsia is Australias market leader at addressing corporate investigations and security challenges in Asia & beyond.  I-OnAsia has completed hundreds of assignments in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.

Oliver Laurence
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Mr. Oliver Laurence JP Qual

Australian Director

In 2019, I-OnAsia acquired well known and local Queensland and Sydney investigations firm, OJT Investigations Group.


Its owner & director, award winning global investigator Oliver Laurence now oversees the Australian, London and European operations for I-OnAsia, supporting both private, legal and corporate clients with a number of investigative, intelligence and security requirements.

China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and other parts of Asia are Australia's closet large scale trading partners, with billions of dollars’ worth of goods entering and leaving Australian and Asian ports every day. I-OnAsia has been critical to some the due diligence investigations for these large shipments, as well investigating matters where investments haven’t gone to plan.

Investment opportunities exist for clients in both directions in Australasia, with in depth due diligence by industry leader like I-OnAsia being the key to a safer transaction regardless of geographical location. With 20 years and over 17000 cases of knowledge in the Asian markets, and now with a comprehensive footprint in Australia, I-OnAsia is further placed to ensure its support to clients seeking to invest in Asia or Australia.

I-OnAsia's in house team of investigators, analysts and cyber experts have seen first hand where previous clients have made mistakes, and sought the help of our team to navigate their way through any number of issues, this knowledge allows our team to support litigators, private clients and global corporates with often overwhelming hard to resolve cases. Put simply, I-OnAsia gets things done, and done properly.

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