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January 2008

I-OnAsia Limited has received "2007 High-Flyers Outstanding Enterprises Award " from Hong Kong Business. This year Hong Kong Business Annual Award selected 30 of the city's most outstanding enterprises from a mixture of public listed corporations and private businesses across all categories of industry according to its strengths, performance, reputation and reader interest value in the industry. Click here for photos and details of the article.



Q: How can factory raids benefit a company in China?

A: A global company can’t afford to look the other way and treat counterfeit as a “cost of doing business,” risking loss of brand, stockholder equity and revenue. When companies treat counterfeit in China as a serious issue — whether through organized raids, IPR education or political pressure, Chinese authorities take it seriously, too. In September 2005, I-OnAsia (on behalf of a major tech client) worked with Chinese authorities, earning the largest judgment to date, against a counterfeit ring in China. Undoubtedly, this judgment has put other counterfeiters on notice that our client is very serious about going after copycats.

— Derek Elmer, 
CEO, I-OnAsia 


I-OnAsia Overview

I-OnAsia is a global business security and risk consultancy, recognized for coverage in Asia 24/7, and top-ranked expertise in the People’s Republic of China.

We offer quality, diverse services linked through a global network at I-OnAsia USA. Our wide presence enables us to reach a wide range of major business sectors.

I-OnAsia has earned a reputation since 2001 for delivering solid, fruitful results to clients around the world. Our staff make all the difference. When clients commit to I-OnAsia, we commit to them.






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